Our armed forces are in the DNA make up of Reilly Road Community Church. From the beginning of the church’s birth to present day, we have been made up of soldiers, sailors, airmen and their families. 


Having had many retired and active duty soldiers as part of our congregation throughout the years has given us a unique ability to understand the day to day pressures and expectations of military life. That’s why we want to be a place of rest, comfort, and warmth that only a family can provide. That’s exactly what we want to be…family!


So no matter your branch of service, your rank, your MOS, or whether you’re permanently assigned here or here for one of the various schools, we want to be your family. We want to minister to you, disciple you, and see you thrive spiritually.  We would personally like to have the honor of meeting you and thanking you for serving our country!
REBOOT Combat Recovery (REBOOT) exists to help combat veterans and their families heal from the spiritual and moral injuries of war associated with post-traumatic stress and combat trauma.

War wounds the soul. Over the past several years, the medical community has expanded its view of the impact of trauma. Now, many acknowledge that combat trauma directly impacts not only the mind and body but also the soul. This type of injury is called moral injury.

Moral injury can manifest itself in the form of anger, anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, and, most tragically, suicide. At REBOOT, we believe these symptoms are often linked to deep-rooted soul wounds related to unresolved grief, distrust of God/self/others, unforgiveness, bitterness, and loss of identity.

Not surprisingly, the ripple effects of combat trauma and resultant moral injury often negatively impact the mental health and quality of life of military family members as well.

REBOOT offers accessible, no-cost programs to help combat veterans and their families heal from the moral or spiritual wounds of war.

Specifically, our 12-week combat trauma healing course provides a unique blend of clinical insight with faith-based support for combat veterans and their loved ones seeking answers to defining questions about life, death, meaning, and purpose. Our greatest value is offering education, affirmation, and support in an environment of trust.

REBOOT “communities” are safe, private, and mostly veteran-led. Childcare and a pre-discussion meal are provided on a weekly basis to remove barriers of entry for families seeking help. We encourage the participation of spouses and affected family members because we know that trauma impacts the entire family.

Additionally, REBOOT offers peer-to-peer mentoring and leadership training to equip caring citizens as well as program graduates to lead REBOOT communities around the nation.
For more information, visit the REBOOT website at reboot