An Eternity Based On Jesus
At Reilly Road Community Church, we have one core belief that surpasses all others.  That belief is that all people are created by God and will spend eternity either with Him or apart from Him depending on a person’s choice on what they believe about Jesus.
We believe that all people are guilty of sin.  Even the smallest, single sin is enough to keep us from spending eternity with God.  But thankfully, God provided a way for us to be rid of the sin in our life.  
Watch the video below for a well-illustrated story of what this is all about.
Maybe you’ve realized that you need to accept God’s gift of salvation.  It’s not hard.  But it is life-changing.  
First, you need to humble yourself and admit that you have sin in your life.  And that you recognize that you can’t get to Heaven on your own.
Second, you need to believe that Jesus is the way to Heaven.  That He paid the debt so that we can be free from sin.  You need to be ready to place your trust in Him.
Finally, you just need to spend some time talking to Jesus.  This is called prayer.  During this time, you need to admit to Him that you need His gift of salvation, that you are placing your trust in Him, and are ready to turn your life over to Him.  There’s no magic words to say.  He just wants to hear your heart.  
It’s simple.  But it’s a big deal.  And your eternity depends on it.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at Reilly Road Community Church.  We’d be glad to talk with you further.  
You can email us at or call us at 910-867-1405.